The North Dakota State Capitol supports nursing mothers who are returning to work by providing a private, calm, and relaxing location for mothers to express breastmilk. The Mother’s Room is located on the main floor of the Capitol and is open to all employees or visiting moms needing a private place to express breast milk.

Location: The Mother’s Room is on the main floor of the Capitol building next to the women’s restroom in the door labeled “Senate Locker Room”. When entering the Senate Locker Room, take a few steps around the lockers to your right, and the Mother’s Room is located in the back. There is an “available” or “occupied” function on the door that you can use for privacy. Please see attached map of the Capitol.

Amenities: The room is furnished with an arm chair, small table, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, waste basket and paper towels for mothers to use.

Milk Expression Scheduling: Employees are encouraged to flex their work time around the personal need to express milk. To help set times and avoid conflicting schedules and use of the room, an on-line sign up form has been created at the following link:

Breastfeeding Equipment: The Department of Health provides a hospital grade electrical pump for mother’s to rent out. Mothers will need to provide their own milk collection kit for use with the pump for hygienic purposes.

To request use of the electric breast pump, please contact Mikaela Schlosser at