These guidelines are for persons or individuals interested in doing business with the state.

Before the Procurement Process

  • Vendors may communicate with state agency personnel regarding goods and services they sell.
  • Market research is simply obtaining information in advance of making a purchase. Market research includes, but is not limited to: 
    • Discussions between state employees or officials and vendors regarding available goods, services, equipment, and solutions. 
    • Demonstrations of potential solutions, equipment, or services. 
    • State agencies should contact a representative number of potential bidders, being careful not to give vendors advance information that would give them an unfair advantage in the procurement process. 
  • State purchases are subject to competition requirements
  • State team members and vendors must be familiar with state rules related to ethics in public procurement.
  • If a person or business prepares specifications for a state agency, they must be excluded from submitting bids or proposals.

During the Procurement Process

  • Procurements conducted by the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget (OMB) or a purchasing agency must have a procurement officer who serves as the point of contact for all correspondence related to the procurement. A person or business that is interested in submitting or has submitted a bid or proposal in response to an active procurement should ensure all related communications are only with the designated point of contact. This does not restrict an interested person or business from communicating with state officials or any member of the legislative assembly unless the state official or member of the legislative assembly is involved directly with the procurement. (N.D.C.C. § 54-44.4-01.1)
  • Direct all questions or requests for clarification to the procurement officer listed in the solicitation. If the answer cannot be found in the solicitation document, the procurement officer will issue an amendment to all potential bidders.

After the Procurement Process

  • Vendors may submit an open records request to the procurement officer.
  • Vendors may request a debrief from the procurement officer to learn more about the evaluation process and their score.

Use of the North Dakota Great Seal

  • Vendor should be aware of the laws restricting the use of the North Dakota Great Seal in any commercial applications.