To schedule an event at the Capitol Complex, complete the form below at least 10 business days prior to the event. 

Please review the Capitol Complex Use Policies: 

If you have questions, email or call the Capitol Complex Event Coordinator at 701.328.2471. 


Letter of Endorsement (if required)

Capitol Use Request - SFN 51410

Is the event a parade?
Have you contacted the City of Bismarck, Deputy Chief Field Services Commander, to get a permit and scheduled your event?
You will need to contact the City of Bismarck at 701.223.1212 to obtain a permit and get on their calendar first. Then, if you would like to use the Capitol grounds as a starting and/or ending point for your parade, you will need to complete the following form.
Is this a political event according to the definition below as contained in NDCC 16.1-10-02?

No person may use any property belonging to or leased by, or any service which is provided to or carried on by, either directly or by contract, the state or any agency, department, bureau, board, or commission thereof, for any political purpose. “Political purpose” means any activity undertaken in support of or in opposition to a statewide initiated or referred measure, a constitutional amendment or measure, a political subdivision ballot measure, or the election or nomination of a candidate to public office and includes using “vote for”, “oppose”, or any similar support or opposition language in any advertisement whether the activity is undertaken by a candidate, a political committee, a political party, or any person. In the period thirty days before a primary election and sixty days before a special or general election, “political purpose” also means any activity in which a candidate's name, office, district, or any term meaning the same as “incumbent” or “challenger” is used in support of or in opposition to the election or nomination of a candidate to public office. The term does not include activities undertaken in the performance of a duty of a state public office or a position taken in any bona fide news story, commentary, or editorial. Factual information may be presented regarding a ballot question solely for the purpose of educating voters if the information does not advocate for or against or otherwise reflect a position on the adoption or rejection of the ballot question.”

Use of Memorial Hall or select designated public areas may be used without the political purpose restrictions, as stated in the Attorney General's Opinion 96-12 regarding public forum assemblies. However, Facility Management will not be able to provide any support services for the event. Use of these areas will be allowed only if the activity does not interfere with the operations of state government.


Sponsor Name
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Where would you like the event to be held?
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Select Equipment Needed for Event
Terms of Service
  • If event sponsor brings equipment onto the Capitol Complex other than folding tables, chairs, cardboard displays, or other items approved by Facility Management, then event sponsor agrees to the following conditions:
    • Event sponsor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the State of North Dakota, its agencies, officers, and employees, from and against any and all claims of any nature, including all costs, expenses, and attorney's fees, which may in any manner arise out of or result from, the conduct or act of any person during or related to the conduct of the Event.
    • Event sponsor agrees to provide proof of adequate liability insurance for the event consisting of proof of general liability insurance that: (a) is in force during the entire term of the proposed event, (b) is from an insurance company or government self-insurance pool authorized to do business in North Dakota, (c) covers all claims arising out of the Event and this agreement, (d) names by endorsement the State of North Dakota, its agencies, officers, and employees as additional insureds and (e) has limits of liability of at least $250,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence. The Policy by endorsement shall contain a “Waiver of Subrogation” waiving any right of recovery the insurance company may have against the State. If event sponsor is an employer, evidence of statutory workers compensation coverage must be provided. Proof of insurance meeting the above requirements must be provided at least 10 days before the Event.
    • NOTE: This liability insurance requirement may be waived if:
      • (a) event sponsor can demonstrate attempts to obtain adequate liability insurance and cannot obtain that insurance at all or only at a cost that is prohibitive. To demonstrate this, event sponsor must provide both:
        • letters from three insurance agents or companies explaining whether insurance is obtainable at any price and, if so at what cost coverage for adequate liability insurance is available: and
        • a letter from the event sponsor demonstrating the financial inability to purchase the insurance coverage; or
      • (b) event sponsor can identify each individual who will be participating in the event on the Capitol Complex and each such individual signs a legally enforceable waiver releasing the state and its agencies, officials, and employees from any and all liability arising out of his or her use of the Capitol Complex. No waiver will be granted if the event poses a significant risk of personal injury or damage to property.
  • Requested use of the Capitol Complex for the event described above will not interfere with the function of state government or conducting of state government business.
  • Facility Management has the right to review and approve all pamphlets/information being distributed during the event described above.
  • Event sponsor will clean and return the utilized space and equipment for above event in the manner and condition as presented to event sponsor prior to the event.
  • Activities for the event described above will be supervised by event sponsor or designee and all safety rules for the equipment, facility space, and activity will be observed.
  • The state has no duty to, and will not, provide supervision of the event described above.
  • Event sponsor understands that all state equipment will be set up by Facility Management staff and may not be moved or altered by the event sponsor without permission from Facility Management.
  • Event sponsor will comply with Capitol Complex Public Use Policies.

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