Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is published annually by the ND Office of Management and Budget and is prepared by the Fiscal Management Division.

Economic Development

The North Dakota Department of Commerce Economic Development & Finance Division is charged with coordinating the state's economic development resources to attract, retain and expand wealth.

State Budget Publications

The Fiscal Management Division is responsible for preparing and providing budget information for the state, and ensuring that the financial information is transparent and accessible.

The state budget embodies policy decisions and spending priorities for North Dakota's state government. It serves as a statewide financial plan on state services. North Dakota has a biennial (24-month) budget that runs from July 1 of odd numbered years through June 30 of the next odd numbered year. The Fiscal Management division's budget staff, along with the Governor and his senior staff, formulate the Governor's budget recommendations that are presented to the Legislature prior to the start of each legislative session.

State Procurement Contracts

State Procurement establishes contracts for commodities and services used by state agencies and institutions under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Higher Education.

Tax Information

The North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner produces several major publications containing information about the operations of the Office of State Tax Commissioner, tables of tax collections, expenditures information, and other information about the department.