The State Appropriation Reports dashboard contains two visualizations:

  1. bar chart comparing the last six biennia of total appropriated expenditures
  2. table containing biennial expenditures amounts by agency, biennium, appropriation class and fund type

You can narrow the contents of the visualizations on the dashboard by selecting various filters found across the top of the page. The contents in each filter are as follows:

  • Agency provides a list of State agencies and universities in alphabetical order.
  • Fund Type provides a list of fund types in alphabetical order.
  • Appropriation Class provides a list of appropriation classes in numerical and alphabetical order.

Filters are limited to show the first one hundred options in the list. Not all options are shown.

To set a filter, left click on the filter box of your choice. A list of options will appear for that filter. Left click on the box next to the option you would like to see. You may select more than one option.

If you don’t find the desired option in the filter list, use the Search feature to find specific options. Click in the Search box and type in a key word found in the options list. When you are finished typing, the list will contain all the options with the key word you entered.

Use the scroll bar to move up and down the list. Select multiple boxes to achieve the results you desire.

Click the OK button to set the filter.

The visualizations will change based on the filter you selected. If no information is returned on the visualizations, the filter value(s) selected contain no information.

To remove a filter option, left click on the filter box and left click on the ‘Clear all’ hyperlink. Click the OK button to remove the filter.

View total expenditures appropriated by biennium by hovering over a column of the bar chart.

View analysis for a fiscal year by left-clicking a specific bar to change what is displayed on the table below. The default is current fiscal year when you first visit the dashboard.

To sort values found within a table, right-click on the desired column heading and select the ‘Sort’ icon. Select between ascending and descending to meet your preference.

Click the Contact Us tab in the upper right hand corner of the webpage and submit a request to OMB if you have any questions about the State Appropriation Reports Dashboard or need further information.