Life As A Team ND Intern

Interns are an important part of Team ND. Our interns work on projects that matter with teams that will rely on your skills and insights to help empower people, improve lives and inspire success. As an intern at the state of North Dakota, you'll get the opportunity to take on real projects, while having fun and gaining skills along the way. Join Team ND today, and help us keep North Dakota moving forward.

Being able to apply the information that I learned in my Museum Science classes to real life situations during my 6-month Collections Internship was an essential part of my training.  The skills and completed projects I was able to add to my resume allowed me to be extremely competitive and secure the job positions I wanted by having real world experience.  Staff at the State Historical Society of North Dakota treated me as a fellow colleague and allowed me to an active participant in the department. 

   - Stacie Petersen, Texas Tech University, internship at State Historical Society of ND (now a full-time employee with the State Historical Society of ND)

About the Internship Program

The North Dakota State Government Student Internship Program brings students into state government where they will gain an understanding of governmental processes while being introduced to the increasingly complex challenges facing North Dakota. The program has been developed to help students gain practical training and hands-on real world experience while satisfying educational goals and preparing for a professional career. 

For the student, the program offers pre-professional work experiences in various occupational fields. Here are comments from past interns:

  • I have always learned best by applying the information I have been taught throughout school. This internship has given me the hands-on experience I needed to meld the school plus experience together. I have told classmates in the other cohorts to apply to this consortium as it give you the best opportunities. We have the prison, the state hospital, and a human service center in town and each is a great learning experience. – Addiction Counseling
  • I am studying Museum Registration currently. This internship was everything I wanted and more. It perfectly complimented my studies. – Museum Division at the State Historical Society
  • Amazing opportunities to gain a deep understanding of the North Dakota education system; especially pertinent given Common Core controversy and the upcoming Legislative Session. – Department of Public Instruction

The internship provides an opportunity for the hiring agency to acquire a new source of new ideas and talent for an agency. Here is what some agencies have said about the internship program:

  • It is a great program that allows college students to acquire experience in their fields as well as fulfilling credit requirements. The state is rewarded with professional work and good public relations nation-wide. – SHS
  • This was LMI Center's first exposure to an internship. The interns did an excellent job and represented the program very well. She brought energy and an excellent attitude along with her to the position. As well, she contributed greatly to the Oil and Gas project that she was hired to work on. Her quality of work and writing skills were also at a very high level. I was very pleased with the whole experience and wish her the best on future endeavors.  – JS, LMI


The internship is a learning experience, providing students practical experience of what they've been learning in the classroom; new skills and abilities are often broadened. Interns also get to explore sound career options based on the opportunities available. Human Resource Management Services (HRMS) administers and promotes an internship program for state government in collaboration with state agencies and ND state colleges and universities.

When an internship position announcement is received by HRMS from a hiring agency, the information is posted on the career announcement page and is forwarded to the placement offices of the state's institutions of higher learning.

Students in search of an internship placement may contact HRMS directly. HRMS aids students by offering guidance and assistance with the intricacies of the internship as well as forwarding the student information to specific agencies that may provide a possible match. It is helpful for students to have a current resume and a cover letter expressing the area of interest.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a North Dakota State Government Stipend Student Internship, a student:

  • must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college, university, or vocational-technical program in the United States, and
  • must be at least of sophomore standing by the beginning of the internship (or must have completed the first year of a vocational/technical program by the beginning of the internship), 
  • must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, and
  • must be working in an internship that aligns with the student's academic major or career goals.


The State of North Dakota does not provide sponsorship for internships.


All North Dakota State Government Student Internships under this stipend program are paid an hourly wage, which is indicated on the position announcement. Wages will be paid by the hiring agency.


Student interns are not eligible for leave, holiday, health insurance, or retirement benefits. They may be discharged at any time. However, interns are eligible to participate in the Rising Leaders Series that will help them develop strategies to build their growth mindset and further develop their professional skills.

Internship Duration

Typically internships are 6–12 weeks in duration; some may be longer. The exact starting and ending dates will be arranged between the intern and hiring agency.

Internships can be full time, between the core hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., but can be ¾ or ½ time, depending on the agency’s plan and the student’s schedule.


The location of the internship will vary with each agency and position; placement could be anywhere in North Dakota.


The State of North Dakota is not responsible for finding housing for its interns. 

Student Application Process

Students that desire internship placement may contact HRMS directly. They should have a current resume and a letter of application indicating the type of internship they are seeking. HRMS can provide guidance to the student regarding the details of the internship program, and will also forward the student’s information to those state agencies that may provide a possible match with the student’s educational background and interests.

Internship applications must be completed online. All internship opening are posted on the career announcement page.

For more information regarding internships in state government, contact the HRMS Internship Coordinator at or 701.328.3290.