The State Procurement Office provides comprehensive purchasing services based upon sound purchasing practices and principles, and has authority for the procurement of commodities, services, printing, and information technology.

Vendors may register for the Bidders List to receive notice of bidding opportunities. The Bidders List is used by executive branch agencies and institutions when issuing solicitations. The state of ND Payee Portal is used by businesses and individuals registering for a Supplier Identification (ID) number to receive payment from the State and Bidders List registration.

The Risk Management Fund provides liability coverage for the State of North Dakota, its agencies and employees. The Risk Management Division manages this fund and processes claims against the state and state employees for personal injury, death, or property damage caused by the state or a state employee acting within the scope of the employee’s employment.

The State Purchasing Card (P-card) is a credit card program administered by OMB. The program allows participation by all state agencies, higher education institutions and political subdivisions (school districts, counties and cities). 

State Surplus Property reutilizes, recycles and redistributes federal and state surplus property. Taxpayer money is saved by transferring property to eligible entities and disposing of electronic waste (e-waste) in a safe and responsible manner.