Plaques in Public Areas at the Capitol Complex

Date: May 23, 2000 / Updated: September 2005 (Policy Number: 05-2000)

Policy Statement: Plaques in any public area at the Capitol Complex will be at the discretion of the Capitol Grounds Planning Commission.

Plaques on the Grounds of the Capitol Complex

Date: May 16, 1990 (Policy Number: 05-1990)

Policy Statement: Groups should be encouraged to plant trees on the Capitol grounds in accordance with the Capitol grounds master landscape plan. Placement of plaques for anything other than buildings, monuments, or other significant features of the Capitol grounds should be discouraged. Recognition may be given to any cause or event that adheres to the public policy expressed in the constitution and laws of the state of North Dakota. Plantings to be dedicated should be located along the Arboretum Trail to allow recognition in the descriptive brochure maintained for distribution to visitors using the Arboretum Trail.

Note: The Master Plan Study Group at the May 2,1990 meeting put this policy together. It was then recommended to the Capitol Grounds Planning Commission for inclusion in the Capitol Complex Master Plan.