Rules and Regulations for Parking on the Capitol Grounds

Effective Date: 5/8/2002
Policy Number: 12-89

The rules and regulations for parking on the Capitol grounds are authorized by Section 54-21-18 of the North Dakota Century Code as they relate to control of public property by Facility Management.

Enforcement of the parking regulations will be carried out by the State Highway Patrol in accordance with Sections 39-03-09, 39-01-15, 39-06.1-06, 39-10-48, and 39-10-50 of the North Dakota Century Code.

Each department and agency located on the Capitol grounds should communicate to their staff the appropriate parking lots that have been assigned for their particular building. All employees assigned to the Capitol and Legislative Wing are to park in the parking lots north and west of the Capitol building. All employees assigned to the Judicial Wing are to park in the lot directly east of that building. All employees assigned to the Highway Building are to park directly east of their building. All employees assigned to the Liberty Memorial Building, Heritage Center, and the State Office Building are to use the north parking lot adjacent to the State Office Building.

During the legislative session, the parking lot directly west of the Capitol will become restricted and is assigned for the use of the legislators and their staff. During those months while the legislature is in session, parking will be allowed in other than the assigned lots.

The capitol security force, which is a function of the Highway Patrol, will monitor all parking lots and will take enforcement action against those employees who are violating the parking regulations or are parking in unauthorized areas.

Signed copies of policies may be requested from Facility Management by sending an email to