The State of North Dakota receives volumes of requests from third parties that need to verify employment and salary history for current and former team members. The state currently uses Experian Verify to help speed up this process. 

Commercial Verifications: Those requesting a verification should go to and submit their request online. The employer is: The State of North Dakota. If wage information is needed, a copy of the employee signed authorization is required. There will be a prompt during the request process to upload or fax the authorization form to Experian Verify.

Social Service Verifications: Social service agencies can request verifications in two ways:

Current or Former State of North Dakota Employee Self-Service Verifications: State team members can retrieve their own employment verification free of charge. Current or former state employees requesting proof of employment should click here for instructions. 

  • The State of North Dakota follows a records retention of 6 years after termination. If an employee worked for the State of North Dakota more than 6 years ago, they will NOT have a record in the system to verify.

For further assistance, contact Experian Verify’s customer support: