Agency: Refers to the State Agency or University System Institution that incurred the expenditure. The searches by agency report payments to vendors. The reports do not include salaries.

Biennium: The State Legislature appropriates expenditures for a two year period beginning on July 1st and ending on June 30th of each odd number year. The 17-19 biennium begins on 7/1/2017 and ends 6/30/2019. All searches are segmented by biennium and fiscal year.

Budget Unit: An agency receiving appropriated authority from the State Legislature.

Expenditure Category: A standardized set of descriptions used to describe the type of expenditure, i.e., Office Supplies, Travel, Salaries, etc.

Class: Appropriated expenditures by line item.

Employee: Unique number assigned to an employee. An employee is assigned to a position and a position can have more than one employee, i.e. someone quit and another was hired. For the purposes of this website, the employee number is a randomly generated number used to identify an individual assigned to a position. It has no other meaning than that.

Exempt: Exempt or confidential information under state or federal law is not displayed.

Federal: Appropriated expenditures paid with Federal funds.

Fund: Funds are primary structural units for education and governmental accounting. Funds are maintained as a balanced set of accounts and are used to present financial statements. They are created or established to carry out a specific mission or purpose, i.e. Veterans Postwar Trust Fund, Game and Fish Department Fund, etc.

General: Appropriated expenditures paid from the General fund.

Job Title: Position Title

Legislative Appropriations Report: Reports only those expenditures charged against the budget authorized by the State Legislature for the biennium. The legislature appropriates General Fund and some special funded projects to the University System, however, it does not appropriate the University System’s tuition, fees, federal, etc. sources of income. Most commodity groups do not receive an appropriation from the legislature. All expenditures, both appropriated and non-appropriated, are reported in the search by business unit.

Position: Number assigned to each position within a business unit. If a business unit has two administrative assistants, each would have a unique position number with the same job title.

Special: Appropriated expenditures paid from funds other than the General fund or Federal funds.

State Fiscal Year: The State’s fiscal year begins July 1st of one year and ends June 30th the following year. SFY-19 begins on 7/1/2018 and ends on 6/30/2019.

Totals: Expenditures are reported as a fiscal year to date amount. A breakdown by month is not available.

Vendor: The payee. For instances where a payee cannot be displayed because of exempt or confidentiality laws, expenditures are reported using the Account description. For example, individual income tax refunds are reported as a total, not by payee.