Team ND is grounded in our state values - gratitude, humility, curiosity and courage.

Talented, hard-working people come together to live our purpose of empowering people, improving lives, and inspiring success.

Cultural Aspirations

Work as One

We understand that diverse teams working together across, divisions and departments can bring all of the resources of our state to serve our citizens best. Being inclusive and sharing information provides a better outcome and is crucial to innovation.

Citizen Focus 

We strive to deliver the best service, with the right balance between technology and citizen facing time. With simplification at the core; we listen, design, create and deliver with citizens at the center of our work.

Make a Difference

We are focused on the impact of each activity, program and interaction using data and analytics to identify priorities and measure outcomes. Continually striving for improvement and impact, effort alone does not equal success.

Leadership Everywhere

We lead by example, promote team spirit and hold ourselves and others accountable. We have gratitude, empower each other and view failures as learning opportunities. We are humble, transparent, focused, and trustworthy.

Growth Mindset

We are curious. We learn from each other, finding the genius in what’s been done, eager to improve upon it. We feel supported and have courage to take risks with accountability, learning and applying the learning as we move ahead.