Solicitations, Loitering and Posting of Handbills and Posters

Effective Date: 5/1/1996
Policy Number: 12-90

To protect state employees from unnecessary interference and disturbances during their working hours, Facility Management, under the authority granted in NDCC Section 54-21-18, establishes the following policies and procedures:

No loitering of any kind allowed at the Capitol complex.

No solicitations of any kind are permitted in buildings at the Capitol complex without first receiving written approval from Facility Management.

All groups or organizations who are granted permission to solicit at the Capitol complex must first sign a Waiver and Release from Liability Form or provide the Facility Management Division with a signed insurance and indemnity agreement , that will include a certificate of insurance naming Facility Management as an additional insured on the policy for the dates of the scheduled activity at the Capitol complex .

The only exceptions to this policy are for solicitations between employees, which may take place during break periods or for agency purposes.

A person may not without first obtaining the consent of the owner or occupant paste, stick, post handbills, placards or posters upon any private property or on any vehicles that may be parked at the Capitol complex. The city of Bismarck and the Capitol complex both enforce ordinance 5-02-02, Posting of Handbills, Posters and Placards.

Signed copies of policies may be requested from Facility Management by sending an email to