Olympic sailor Buddy Melges said, “You never have to recover from a good start.”

Congratulations on joining Team ND, a committed group that is worthy of our deepest gratitude for their exceptional public service to North Dakota and its residents.

Whether in times of prosperity or adversity, our state team members work tirelessly to innovate and maximize the efficiency and responsiveness of state government, and together we continuously strive to Empower People, Improve Lives and Inspire Success.

Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota

We are excited to welcome you to employment with the state of North Dakota, where we work hard to empower people, improve lives and inspire success. As you prepare for your first day with your new team, we would like to give you some information to help it go amazing!

Team ND Cultural Aspirations

At Team ND, we aspire to bring talented, hard-working people together to live our cultural aspirations:

  • Work as One
  • Citizen Focus
  • Make a Difference
  • Leadership Everywhere
  • Growth Mindset

Take a look at the culture we aspire to at the state of North Dakota.

Working for Team ND

Working for the citizens of the great state of North Dakota is both challenging and rewarding. Make sure you take a look at all of the benefits and extras that you will receive with your new career. You’ll be able to take advantage of many of these extras, and will be able to choose which benefits you’ll want to participate in, such as retirement, health insurance, annual leave, sick leave and many more!

North Dakota provides boundless opportunities, unparallel experiences and incomparable people. If you currently don’t live in the state of North Dakota, take a minute and learn more about what the state has to offer.

Before You Begin Employment

Many state agencies require a background check before you can begin employment. Your new agency will send you directions on where to go for your fingerprinting.

Your agency will also let you know what time you need to report on your first day, as well as where you will need to go.

On Your First Day/Week

On your first day at your new career, you can expect to fill out the usual new state team member paperwork. Make sure you have a state-issued identification card with you, as well as your social security card.

You will be issued a state team member identification badge, that will include your name, picture and agency information.

You will also be provided a means to access your workplace. In many cases, your state team member identification badge will also work as a key to get you into your building. In other cases, you will be provided a separate key.

Within your first week of employment with the state, you will be enrolled in the state of North Dakota OnBoarding. This process will walk you through the information you will need to review and complete. There will also be various online training courses for you to complete.

Dress Standards

Dress standards vary by agency. Some agencies abide by a business casual dress code, and others allow team members to wear jeans. Your agency will communicate their dress code policy.

North Dakota State Capitol Campus Team Members

If your new position is on the state Capitol campus in Bismarck, you will be able to park in any of the designated team member parking lots (any lot that isn’t designated as a visitor parking lot). You can enter the south entrance on your first day. Please note that you will have to pass through security at the south entrance.

There is a cafeteria, Capitol Café, located on the ground floor of the Capitol building. The Capitol Café is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If your new position is not at the state Capitol campus in Bismarck, your agency will let you know the address, where to park and which entrance to use.

Probationary Period

All new classified state team members are required to complete a probationary review period. The probationary time period varies by agency, but many are six months. Read more about state team member probationary periods in the OMB Human Resource Policy Manual.

Team Member Safety

The state of North Dakota takes the safety, health and well-being of its team members seriously. Team ND complies with all governmental mandated rules and regulations as they apply to the work activities in our workplace.

Visit the HR Policies page to access policies and forms including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Driving While Conducting State Business, Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace, Smoking and Tobacco Use, Workplace Anti-Harassment, and Workplace Violence.

Human Resources Policies

State team member policies can be found in the OMB Human Resource Policy Manual. Your agency will likely have additional policies for you to review.

Using Technology

As a new team member, you will likely be using technology systems and equipment (computer systems, shared files, email, internet and other systems). The North Dakota Information Technology Department (NDIT) provides application, data, and system standards of how technology is used at the state of North Dakota. The  OMB Human Resource Policy Manual provides information in Chapter 16 for Use of Electronic Communication Devices as well.