Alcoholic Beverages on the Capitol Grounds

Effective Date: 5/11/2004
Policy Number: 07-88

Pursuant to NDCC 54-21-18 the Director of the Office of Management and Budget declares that unless prior approval is granted by the director or his designee, no person is to sell, consume, or bring onto the premises of the Capitol grounds any alcoholic beverages. Only formal state functions will be considered when granting permission for the use of alcoholic beverages in the Capitol building or designated areas. 

54-21-18. Custody of office building--Considered part of the Capitol building--Director has control of public property. Facility Management shall control, manage, and maintain the state office building. The building shall be considered a part of the State Capitol building within the meaning of statutes relating to the custody, maintenance, and control of the State Capitol building and grounds, and within the meaning of statutes requiring state departments or agencies to maintain their offices in the State Capitol building. 

Except as otherwise provided by law, the Director shall have charge and control of the Governor's Residence, the Capitol, and the public grounds connected therewith. 

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