The State Procurement Office establishes contracts for commodities and services for use by state agencies and institutions under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Higher Education.

Cooperative Purchasing State Contracts can be used by eligible entities, including cities, counties, townships, public education, tribal entities and public transit authorities (N.D.C.C. § 54-44.4-13). View the cooperative purchasing brochure for more information. Check the State Contract listing to find cooperative purchase contracts.

  • Contact – Contact the listed Contractor or Contract Administrator for assistance using the contract.
  • Cooperative Purchasing – The listing has a CP heading button. If there is a “Y” in the CP column, that contract is available for use by eligible entities.

Mandatory State Contracts

The State Contract list indicates if contracts are mandatory or optional for state agencies. If a mandatory state contract does not meet your needs, submit a SFN 54202 Contract Exemption Form for approval by the Contract Administrator using the Purchasing Work Request system or email. Procurement procedures apply if agencies elect to not use an optional state contract.

Green Purchasing Contracts

Check the State Contract listing to find contracts for recycled paper, environmentally preferable and biobased products, electronic waste recycling and disposal and hazardous material disposal.

Complaints and Suggestions

Notify the Contract Administrator with complaints about a state contract or submit a complaint thru the SPO Work Request System. If you have suggestions for new state contracts, email the State Procurement Office or call 701.328.2740.