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Governor Burgum has signed Executive Order 2019-06, which rescinds Executive Order 2003-07. 

The 2003 executive order stated that exercising management and control over the state’s personnel and fiscal resources was essential to ensure state government operates efficiently and within its means. In order to accomplish this objective, the executive order created a hiring council and a process where all positions vacant for six months or longer were subject to review and approval before the executive branch agency could fill the position. A considerable investment of time was required by agencies to complete the hiring council form for each position subject to review. Considerable time was also invested by the members of the hiring council reviewing the requests. Even though the hiring council met monthly to review requests, the process still resulted in a delay for agencies interested in moving forward with the hiring process. 

As Executive Order 2003-07 is rescinded, the Office of Management and Budget is issuing Fiscal and Administrative Policy 120, which directs agencies to analyze and evaluate the need to fill vacant positions.

Repealing this 16 year old executive order and replacing it with a fiscal policy that directs agencies to analyze and evaluate the need to fill vacant positions will accomplish the same objective. However, rather than rely on a time-consuming process, agencies will be empowered to conduct their own analysis and use the analysis to make sound hiring decisions. Executive branch officials will be held accountable for following the fiscal policy and utilizing sound judgement in hiring decisions.

Executive Order 2019-06 streamlines and simplifies the hiring process, allowing agencies to be more nimble and responsive to changing business needs. It eliminates a burdensome, bureaucratic step for agencies. Fiscal and Administrative Policy 120 empowers agencies to make responsible hiring decisions after completing an analysis and evaluation to determine the need to fill each vacant position.

Feel free to Joe Morrissette, Director, 701.328.4904, or Lisa Kudelka, HRMS Director and Chief People Officer, 701.328.3293, if there are questions.

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