Friday, January 31, 2020 - 12:30pm

The procurement process begins when agencies or institutions need to purchase something. Involve a trained Procurement Officer early in the procurement process!

State officials and employees can purchase for the state ONLY if they have:

  1. Completed Procurement Officer Certification Training.
  2. Received delegated authority from the head of the agency or institution. 

The Procurement Officer Certification Training program was created in 2002 to ensure that state officials and employees who are responsible for purchasing become familiar with laws, rules and procedures. 

Every state agency and institution has an Agency Lead Procurement Officer and an OMB State Procurement Officer.

Trained Procurement Officers help agencies or institutions evaluate options to make informed, legal purchasing decisions. They know how to create contracts to ensure needed goods and services are obtained at the right quality, the right price and on time. 

The integrity of the state procurement program is dependent upon sound procurement practices and procedures that are consistently applied by all employees purchasing on behalf of the state. 

Contact Sherry Neas with procurement questions.