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  • HB 1360 – Bid requirements for park districts – allows them to use cooperative purchase contracts with the office of management and budget. All contracts exceeding fifty thousand dollars must be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder after advertisement in the official newspaper of the municipality once each week for two successive weeks.
  • HB 1432 – Adds language for county commissioners to purchase used road machinery as surplus property from the office of management and budget.
  • HB 1454 – Contracts by school boards – increases the purchasing threshold to $50,000 before a competitive process needs to be followed.
  • HB 1136 – If a bid for the general, electrical or mechanical portions of a project is not received, a governing body may award a contract for each portion of a project that received responsible bids pursuant to section 48-01.2-07 and re-advertise for bids on the portion of the project that did not receive bids.
  • HB 1356 – The threshold for bidding construction of a public improvement increases to $200,000. The threshold for procuring plans, drawing and specifications from an architect or engineer for construction of a public improvement is $200,000.
  • HB 1117 – When a legal notice is required by law to be published in a newspaper, the newspaper shall publish the notice on a statewide legal notices website maintained by the ND newspaper association or on the newspaper’s website.
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