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The Capitol Grounds Planning Commission (CGPC) today chose the new design for the North Dakota State Capitol Building’s south entrance remodel project.

“We’re pleased that the main Capitol entrance will be getting an updated, more modernized look,” Lt. Gov. and CGPC Chairman Brent Sanford said. “The modernization of the main Capitol entrance will greatly enhance the citizen experience here at the Capitol building.”

J2 Studio Architecture + Design, PC presented two different plans to the CGPC today. The plan was chosen by vote after thorough CGPC discussion, and comment from the public. The plan that was chosen includes a lobby and an east-facing public entrance.

Facility Management Director John Boyle said that the update will remove the existing tunnel and drive lanes, but it will not affect the front stairs or the overall aesthetics of the Capitol building. There will be significant changes to the landscaping in front of the building.

“The south entrance hasn’t changed since the Capitol building was constructed in 1934,” Boyle said. “The update will include an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant pathway leading to the entrance for improved accessibility.”

The 2019 North Dakota Legislature provided appropriation of $2 million to fund the Capitol entrance remodel project from the Capitol Building Trust Fund.

Construction on the south Capitol entrance remodel project will begin in April 2020, with plans to finish by the end of that year. During construction, the public will be asked to use the west entrance, where additional handicapped accessible and visitor parking spaces will be designated.

More information about the CGPC may be found on the Office of Management and Budget’s website.

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