Friday, June 21, 2019 - 12:30 pm

OMB State Procurement is excited to announce the following changes to the SPO online system:

  • Ability to upload unregistered bidders to a solicitation via Excel spreadsheet
  • Search State Contracts by contract name or contractor name, both active or archived
  • Ability to define sort order for solicitation attachments
  • Ability to add either ND Login users or NDGOV users to a solicitation
  • Extended number of allowed characters for procurement officer email field
  • Limited use of special characters and instructions added for clarification
  • Bold font of Electronic Receipts function to make more visible
  • Clean-up of notification emails to stop fields from running together

For questions on these changes, contact Christy Schafer at 701-328-2740 OR your agency's assigned procurement officer at OMB.