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The State of North Dakota has entered into contracts (#048) with six vendors for Sit Stand CPU Desk Furniture. The contracted offerings include powered lift desk solutions, manual lift desk solutions, arm bracket solutions, movable desk solutions, complete desk top solutions, 2-leg multiple cubicle solutions, standalone desk solutions, treadmill-capable desk solutions, 3-leg multiple cubicle solutions, vertical-lift complete desk top solutions, and bolt-on leg kits (both electric powered and manual assist crank types). These contracts also include some associated desk accessory options to include monitor arms, cable management systems, wellness barriers, and ergonomic floor mats among other things.

To purchase Sit Stand CPU Desk Furniture or desk accessories:

  • Go to the OMB State Contracts webpage.
  • Click on List State Contracts.
  • Scroll to contract #048 (arrange by number by clicking on the column header titled Number) and select the View option on the far right. This will display the contract details and the contracted vendor’s contact information.
  • Open the attachment “Contract Summary” above the contracted vendor’s contact information by selecting View. This will open the Sit Stand CPU Desk Furniture list of contracted offerings.
  • Verify pricing and view the contractor’s actual bid response by hovering the cursor over the note (red corner) within each awarded section's price.
  • Contact the vendor directly for additional product literature or product information.
  • Setup/Installation options do exist within some of the categories.

Questions? Contact Gabriel Hoggarth at 701.328.2740.

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