Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 09:00 am


The State of ND has entered into Contract #249 for infrared thermometers (digital non-contact) with Talbot's Pharmaceuticals Family Products, LLC. Talbot’s will provide the State with Alicn Medical Shenzhen, Inc Model AET-R1B1 infrared thermometers. Quantity pricing:

1-10 = $43.99 ea
11-25 = $37.99 ea
26-100 = $36.99 ea
101-500 = $34.49 ea

Email Steve Ariel at stevea@nuby.com to place an order. In the email include:

  • quantity of the AET-R1B1 thermometers to purchase
  • your name
  • phone number
  • billing address
  • shipping address

 A representative of Talbot’s will then follow up directly to process payment. Orders of $100 or more ship for free and all thermometers should include batteries.

Contact Gabriel Hoggarth, gjhoggarth@nd.gov or 701.328.2740, with questions about this contract.

Click on the following hyperlink for a complete list of State Contracts.