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The OMB State Procurement Office announces new awarded vendors under state contract #095 and some new categories. The majority of vendor contracts have been executed at this time; however, if you find a vendor with no contact information, that indicates the contract has not been executed. Please contact the contract administrator if you have any questions.

This contract is for Information Technology (IT) professionals in a variety of categories for both project-based and staff-augmentation work. Competition requirements under this contract vary depending on the cost of the work to be performed. View this contract on OMB’s website.

  • Agencies/entities will issue Work Orders under this contract.
  • Any projects estimated at or above $250,000 – Agencies are required to send a work order request to ALL vendors awarded in the respective category. An evaluation process must be completed to determine the vendor that best meets the requirements stated in the work order request.
  • There is an overlap of contracts from our prior IT Vendor Pool solicitation and the most recent solicitation. Some technical categories have different contract dates for vendors. Some end September 30, 2022 and others end September 30, 2025.
  • Work Orders exceeding $25K need NDIT review.
  • No Work Orders can extend beyond the contract term listed for each vendor in the respective category.
  • Reminder- The prices listed in the Contract Information and Rates document are a maximum hourly rate. Agencies are encouraged to negotiate a lower cost.

See OMB’s website, State Contract #095, document titled “SPO 095 Contract Information” for awards by category, pricing and vendor contact information.

Questions? Contact Tricia Opp, 701.328.1721

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