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The state has entered into contract #268, Marketing Communications Services Pool, with eight qualified vendors to provide marketing services on an as-needed basis. You may choose to work with any one of the qualified vendors. It is suggested to have more than one vendor quote your project prior to selecting one, but it is not required. State agencies and other governmental entities must use the task order process to obtain marketing communications services from the vendor pool.

To access the contract summary, pricing document, task order documents, and to review the list of qualified vendors:

  • Go to the OMB State Contracts webpage.
  • Click on List State Contracts.
  • Scroll to contract #268 (you can arrange by number by clicking on the column header titled Number) and select the View option on the far right. This will display the contract details and the contracted vendor’s contact information.
  • Review the “Contract Summary” document.
  • You can consider all contractor pricing and added value guarantees by viewing the document titled “Pricing.”  
  • Open the attachment “Task Order Request” above the contracted vendor’s contact information by selecting View. This will open the standard task order request form. Document fields may be expanded or added to as-needed. If necessary, you may also use one or more of the document titled “Change Order Form” to make changes to previously-executed task orders or change orders.

Please email all fully executed task orders and any subsequent change orders to the contract administrator.

Questions? Contact Gabriel Hoggarth, 701.328.2740.

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