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The State of North Dakota has entered into 2 contracts (#267) for temperature reading thermal scanners, and is working on an additional 17 contracts to ensure constant supply and ample options.

To place an order:

  • Go to the OMB State Contracts webpage.
  • Click on List State Contracts.
  • Scroll to contract #267 (you can arrange by number by clicking on the column header titled Number) and select the View option on the far right. This will display the contract details and the list of contracted vendors.
  • Open the attachment above the list of Contractors by selecting View. This will open a spreadsheet of all the contracted thermal scanner offerings.
  • Read the INFO tab in the spreadsheet in its entirety and proceed with shopping the offerings.

Questions? Contact Gabriel Hoggarth, gjhoggarth@nd.gov, 701.328.2740.

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