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A list of existing state contracts related to PPE and working from home is provided below. In addition to the contracts outlined below, the State Procurement Office is working to establish stand-alone PPE contracts and other contracts to assist with working from home. 

Visit the OMB website: https://www.nd.gov/omb/public/cooperative-purchasing

Current State Contracts

  • State Contract 009 for Janitorial Products – Sanitizing stations, wipes, solutions, and other cleaning products.
  • State Contract 012 for Floor Mat and Facility Services to Include PPE – Hand sanitizing stations for facilities or cloth facemasks.
  • State Contract 022 for Computers and Printers - Anything computer related. There are several vendors to select from and the contracts offer computers, tablets, and laptops. The contracts also offer, printers and multi-function devices, keyboards and mice, webcams, projectors, and adjustable stands for single and double monitors.
  • State Contract 048-B for Sit Stand Ergonomic CPU Solutions
  • State Contract 049-A for Sit Stand Ergonomic CPU Solutions, File Cabinets, and Accessories
  • State Contract 049-B for Sit Stand Ergonomic CPU Solutions, File Cabinets, and Accessories
  • State Contract 053 for Food Products - Food-grade gloves.
  • State Contract 110 for Webcams, USB Wi-Fi Adapters, and Headsets - The STAGEnet Network Equipment contract can help fulfill your audio, visual, and video needs.
  • State Contract 149 for Infrared Thermometers, Digital Non-Contact
  • State Contract 200 for Office Supplies and PPE – Anything from pens to paper, to hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves, or sanitizing wipes.
  • State Contract 232 for a Full Range of Pharmaceuticals and Other Healthcare Products and Services – Medical supplies, influenza vaccine, dental supplies, drug testing, wholesaler invoice auditing, and returned goods processing. MMCAP Infuse is a free, voluntary group purchasing organization for government facilities that provide healthcare services. MMCAP Infuse membership extends across nearly every state in the nation, delivering volume buying power.
  • State Contract 252 for Hand Sanitizer, Commercial & Distilled Types – Vendor pool with numerous options and sizes to consider.
  • State Contract 258 for 3-Ply Procedure Face Masks with Earloop- Blue Procedure Masks, comfortable, cool, and breathable. Earloops are stretchable, provide a personalized fit and make it more convenient to use. One size fits most. ASTM F2100-11 - Level 2 Barrier. Packaged: 50 Per Box.
  • State Contract 266 for Moving Services - If you have been authorized to move your office furniture to your home and need assistance in doing so.
  • State Contract 915 for Wi-Fi Hot Spots - Cell Phones, and General Wireless Communication and Equipment.
  • Rough Rider Industries (RRI) – Contact Jeff Zins 701.328.6179 
    Wellness Products – Gowns, masks, wellness barriers, wellness signs, or floor graphics. RRI also offers office and home furniture, as well as seating and ergonomic office solutions. RRI is sanctioned to sell its products directly to State Agencies, Non-profit Organizations, Schools/Universities, Hospitals, Retailers & Wholesalers, Nursing Homes, Federal Agencies, County Agencies, City Agencies, Churches, Tribal Agencies, and Certified Private Sector Partners.

The goods and services outlined above are subject to actual availability with the contracted vendors. Demand has been very high for these commodities.

Questions? Contact Gabriel Hoggarth at gjhoggarth@nd.gov or 701.328.2740.

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