Cooperative Purchasing


State Procurement has the authority to do cooperative purchasing with other government entities (NDCC 54-44.4-13).  

What is cooperative purchasing? 

It is a FREE service in which eligible organizations can purchase goods and services from State Contracts. The brochure at the right contains more information. Contact us with any questions at 701.328.2740 or email the State Procurement Office.

View the cooperative purchasing brochure.

Who is eligible?

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Townships
  • Public School Districts
  • State Board of Higher Education institutions
  • Governmental boards and commissions
  • Tribal agencies
  • Public transit authorities
  • Public health units
  • Non-profit organizations established on behalf of public entities (contact the State Procurement Office to determine if your entity is eligible)

State Contracts List

  • Find - To find eligible contracts, filter on the CP heading button. If you click the filter button twice, it will list the cooperative purchasing contracts in alphabetical order.  If there is a “Y” in the CP column, that contract is available for use.
  • Purchase - Each contract has different purchasing guidelines which are detailed when you click view. 
  • Contact - Each contract lists the contractor(s) and the State Procurement Contract Administrator.  If you have specific questions about the contract or how to use it, please contact these individuals.