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As an employer, the State of North Dakota receives volumes of requests from third parties that need to verify employment and salary history for current and former team members. The state has entered into a contract with uConfirm to help speed up the verification process for employees and verifiers. Effective, September 1, 2020, all state employee verifications of employment will be handled by uConfirm.

Those requesting a verification should go to www.uConfirm.com and submit their request online. The employer is: The State of North Dakota. If wage information is needed, a copy of the employee signed authorization is required. There will be a prompt during the request process to upload or fax the authorization form to uConfirm. Social service agencies should fax requests to: 404.829.1336. Otherwise, requests must be submitted online.   

For further assistance, contact uConfirm’s Customer Support toll free at 866.312.8266 or email support@uconfirm.com.

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